Coralan Security Group offer both sliding and swing gate systems at a highly competitive price. With over 25 years experience in the maintenance and install of electronic gates you can be confident in our ability to offer you the best price as well as expert advice  from our professional engineers. Corlan Security proudly supply King Gate systems

King Gates

KING gates produces a professional range of automations for gates, garage doors, rolling shutters and barrier gates. A constantly expanding brand, it operates in a dynamic reality open to innovations in technology and service, offering reliable, safe and practical solutions through its own 100% made-in-Italy products.Since 2006 it has been present on the Home Automation market in more than 40 countries throughout the world – in Italy, Spain and Poland with commercial branches and in all other countries through an extensive network of direct distributors.

King Gates JET XL

Automation for swing gates with leaves up to 6 m – 750kg

Jet XL in 24 Vdc version: the motor for swing gates that complete the range par excellence.

Die-cast alluminium structure, steel and bronze mechanical parts and the easy installation thanks to new solutions adopted allow to use Jet XL with heavy leaves

The rear fastening system with tilting forks is a simple solution that helps alignment, compensating errors up to +/- 5 °.

The mechanical limit switch adjustment during opening and closing procedures is done from above, by removing the shell that covers the endless screw.
The operation is effortless because everything is close at hand and well visible, allowing a quick adjustment.

King Gates JET

Automation for swing gates

Max. leaf size 3 m – 600 kg

An elegant attractive line able to enhance the value of all types of gate.The excellent mechanical transmission guarantees maximum reliability and the ball-bearing rotation system eliminates friction and noise.Top quality materials such as steel and bronze guarantee maximum reliability, even in extreme conditions.The condenser is incorporated in the gear motor, while the mobile limit stops make adjusting travel quick.

The die-cast aluminium manual release handle with personalised key is located on the top of the gear motor for practical and immediate use.


Underground Automation for swing gates

Max. leaf size 4 m – 650 kg

The automation is completely invisible and does not alter the appearance of the gate.The solid die-cast aluminium and IP67 watertight seal guarantee reliable Operations and very low maintenance requirements.In the event of power failure, manual gate opening is immediate thanks to the release lever accessory, or in the 24 V version, the battery buffer system.The obstacle detection technology in the 24 V control units and Cycle Set Up system in the 230 V control units guarantee safety in the case of obstacles and allow gate opening and closing speed to be adjusted.


Automation for swing gates

Max. leaf size 2 m – 400 kg

Couper is the ideal KINGgates automation to automate swing-gate leaves of up to 2 m and 400 kg.The die-cast aluminium shells are designed for top performance in any environmental condition.Electrical connection involves just two wires and access to the terminal is facilitated by its position on the top of the gear motor.

The adjustable mechanical stops make adjusting travel quick and easy.Programming with self-learning, dip-switch settable functions and obstacle detection technology are just some of the STARG8 24 box control unit functions, simplifying the installer’s work and guaranteeing exceptional safety and durability.


Automation for swing gates

Max. leaf size 4.5 m – 300 kg

Mechanically reliable thanks to the telescopic piston transmission and motor with 140°C thermal protection.With Linear, the screw-on front and rear fixing brackets on the gear motor reduce installation times to a minimum.

The 1.5 m pre-wired cable makes electrical connection easy.Linear offers the most inexpensive solution for automating swing gates.In the event of power failure, manual operation is simple and intuitive using the release handle for insertion in the top of the operator


Automation for swing gates

Max. leaf size 4.2 m – 500 kg

Thanks to the patented mechanics, Modus can be installed on large gate leaves of up to 4.2 m and 500 kg.Easy and quick to install with its 165 mm width, it is available in two different motor versions with two standard arms and two optional arms, with slide or joint, for any type of installation.The millimetric regulation of the mechanical limit stops enables door arrest to be regulated precisely during both opening and closing.Modus is an indestructible automation and can be used at any temperature, with 4 kg die-cast aluminium main body, 100% steel four-stage reducer and top quality synthetic lubricant.


Automation for swing gates

Max. leaf size 2 m – 250 kg

The MiniModus automation has an articulated arm for swing gates with a leaf size of up to 2 m and 250 kg.The screw-on brackets make attachment of the gear motor to the column and gate simple and easy.The width of the gear motor, just 155 mm, allows it to be mounted even in small spaces, while the geometry of the articulated arm enables it to be installed on even very large columns.

MiniModus incorporates the electronic control unit and battery compartment to guarantee operation even after several hours of blackout.