Ditec Dab 105

Automatic Pedestrian swing door operator
Powerful and compact operator capable of satisfying the needs of high traffic doors, and also special requirements for emergency exits and fire doors, in complete compliance with most of European regulations.
Convenient & flexible
Modern buildings require applications that are flexible and adaptable to any need: Ditec DAB105 meets these requirements. The upgrade cards offer additional features and advanced functions, which allow to customize the automation.
Safe & reliable
Safe and convenient access without barriers, in compliance with the strict requirements of public sector, also thanks to its Low Energy mode. In addition, Ditec DAB105 can be activated through buttons, sensors or the PUSH&GO function.

Ditec Dab 205

Automatic pedestrian swing door operator

Up to 400 kg door weight in push-arm version. The servo-assisted motor with spring guarantees a reliable closing movement while the encoder offers perfect control of the kinematic movement.
Strong steel mechanical components and the long-lasting Dunker motor guarantee exceptional operator reliability. Ditec DAB205 has been tested up to 1 M cycles.
Perfect dynamic control also for bi-parting doors, it offers many possibilities for managing movement (overlap, contact, no contact, double exit).

Easy to use
Very easy to configure: a single operator suitable for all applications and 2 different arms, push and pull, also for fire-door applications.
Many mechanical accessories, like shaft and arm extensions, to adapt the operator perfectly to the wall and to the door position.
Configuration diagrams are available (DAB905ESA and DAB905ESE) to add functions and other operating modes if necessary.
Large choice of operating modes, such as PUSH&GO and power assist, to meet the various different needs of the market.

DAB205 complies all European standards and directives, including standard EN 16005.
Safety can also be guaranteed by the use of monitored safety sensors.
In case of power failure a reliable battery kit is available which guarantees the continuous operation of the operator over time (optional).
Thanks to an external LED which shows the status of the door and a specific LED for fire alarm status (both optional): a clear warning also for the end user in all cases of possible failure.

Ditec Sprint

Automatic pedestrian swing doors

Beautiful. The new Ditec Spring automation, thanks to its neutral and elegant appearance is the ideal solution for both residential and high-class environments, such as professional studios, shops, offices and hotels.
Available in light grey, black or satin aluminium, it is suitable for internal swing doors up to 110 kg of weight.

Simple to assemble and install thanks to the lower weight fastening plate and the adjustments which can be set on the electronic card. Simple to configure according to the choices and needs of its user thanks to the PUSH AND GO and LOW ENERGY modes.

Modular. It is possible to select the 24 V DC or 230 V AC power supply operator with the desired cover, the most suitable arm and add batteries, if required: the installers just have to select what they really need and if they wish they can integrate the selectors, the sensors and the other Ditec Entrematic acces-sories for a more complete installation.

Target applications
Residential environment, internal doors
Small shops, offices, laboratories
OEM applications (i.e. door for elevators)
Buildings accessible by disabled or elderly people.

Label Neptis

Mechanical Opening Swing Door

Neptis with its new range of automation systems for swing doors, is available in different models and can meet any market requirements: single and double leaf application, aluminium, wooden and metal doors for healthcare facilities, hospitals, care homes for elderly and disabled people, offices and public places.

Neptis safely manages leaf motion supervising all control devices; parameters like moving forces, opening/closing speed and obstacle presence are all controlled by a completely new software.

Neptis complies with the new EN16005 European Standard, and has undergone and successfully completed all tests prescribed by EN13849 standard, with particular attention to the failure analysis on all safety-related electronic components and has been granted with TÜV Quality Certification.

Label Evolus

Sliding door operator

EVOLUS is the automation for straight sliding doors equipped with the most advanced hardware and software solutions to ensure reliability and safety. It represents a real evolution between automatic door automation LABEL, starting from the technical arrangements to finish with the aesthetic designs. It complies with EN16005 European Standard and has passed all laboratory tests provided by EN13849.

Automatic Pedestrian Doors

Door automation for existing swing doors to allow disabled door access or simply ease of entry. The benefits of turning and existing swing door into an automated door are limitless.

Standard Operating Systems

Sturdy and versatile, ideal for very heavy duty
It is essential in case of demanding environmental conditions, such as external doors exposed to the wind and unfavorable weather conditions.

Intensive Use System

Practical, reliable, noiseless and multifunctional.
If you want to be able to close the door even in the event of power failure, it is advisable to choose an automation with motor opening but spring closing, possibly motor-assisted, like the S version. Thus the door opens manually and closes thanks to spring action.
Strong and noiseless.

Conceived to be a versatile product, it is suitable even for very heavy duty and very heavy wings. Wel S uses Brake system for closing speed and proximity speed adjustment, even in the event of power failure.

Fire Door Systems

For heavy duty on fireproof doors.

The fireproof automation Wel F is used when it is necessary to isolate areas

Revolving Door Systems

Bespoke solutions and expert advice offered to ensure the right solution for your needs.

Our professional sales and project management team is trained to provide you with expert advice on all types of automatic doors and  pedestrian doors, including security, slide, swing, handicap, revolving automatic doors.

With Auto Entry Systems you can be sure the best, most qualified advice when it comes to choosing your automatic door solution.